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My name is Derick Morris and I wanted to tell you my personal experiences on what led me to cbd and how it has changed my entire life.
This is not just my story nor my journey, me and my incredible wife Ana Morris started exploring cbd options three years ago. We had adopted a dog and his name is cob. Cob is a French bulldog and we did not know when we first got him that he has had extensive back problems his entire life. We started noticing flares in cobs back and he would walk funny or would limp in pain until one day he was totally immobilized. It was very scary for us but cob was happy and showed no sign of pain. We would have to literally carry him outside to the bathroom and hand feed him. Enough was enough we went to the vet right away when he was getting worse not better. After countless hours and dollars the only option the vets had given us was surgery which was only a 50/50 chance of him walking again. That was not good enough for us there had to be another option. We started exploring natural alternatives because we did not want Cobb over medicated either we just wanted our dog back. After many hours of self education and research I decided the best choice for our family was cbd. We were very skeptical at first after all we are consumers also, with that being said we purchased cbd and at that moment it would change my entire life without even knowing it but that is a story for another time. When we started giving cbd to Cobb he could not move his back legs at all he would crawl across the ground with his front legs it was so hard for us to witness but he always had his spirit and was always full of joy. The Miracle started to happen after just a couple days of giving Cobb cbd he was up and going again you could still see he was in a little discomfort so we gave him a larger dose of cbd. He was running up and down stairs playing again within the week we were amazed and in shock on how effective it was. Cobb has not had a flair in over a year with daily cbd use.  Cbd brought my best friend back. We currently give cbd to all of our animals we have three rescue dogs and a rescue cat which all benefit from cbd use we use it for anxiety, inflammation, tremors, pain and so much more. If you love your animals as much as we do it is definitely worth a try.  We hope you have a beautiful day thank you for reading our story.



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