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Essential oils are an all natural solution to effectively combat virus and improve our cleaning regimen. Read on to see the ways we at ZIA Zensations are taking advantage of this unique opportunity to highlight some different ways to leverage the immense power of essential oils.

Kill that virus!

Bottle of essential oil with herbs

As a huge advocate of natural medicine and essential oils, I would love to come out and say that essential oils are your magic bullet against all microorganisms, but that isn’t true. The truth is that there are many different types of microorganisms such as virus and each one has it’s own defensive survival mechanisms. There does not appear to be any clinical evidence of essential oils specifically killing COVID19. There are however, many essential oils that have been clinically proven to kill different virus and might be effective. Read more about that at this clinical study. Here are some of the most powerful proven antimicrobial oils outlined in this study.

Lavender – Thyme – Tea Tree – Cajeput – Sage – Peppermint – Cinnamon – Clove – Eucalyptus

Keep stuff clean.

ZIA Zensations essential oils offer a plethora of all natural solutions to keep surfaces clean. There are solutions for cleaning every kind of surface and for personal hygiene as well with the added benefits of a great aroma and the psychoactive effect such as calming or uplifting. Click here for some tips on how to use essential oils in a household cleanser.

household cleanser with essential oils
Natural household cleanser with essential oils

Hand sanitizers are a great way to keep your hands and many surfaces clean and essential oils can absolutely help. Most experts recommend at least 60% alcohol but I also like to use witch hazel, almond oil as part of the base and oils like Cinnamon, Clove, Tea Tree, Thyme, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. I prefer an oilier base as that helps the formulation to stay present longer and proactively fight microbes and also contributes to moisturizing your hands.

Breathe it in

There is clinical evidence suggesting that essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint help to open up the bronchials while at the same oils like cinnamon, clove and thyme are great antimicrobials. Use these oils singly mix on your own or try some of our ready made pure blends like ZZ Breathe, Immune Guard, Thieves Type and Immune Boost.

ZIA has a wide variety of Essential Oil Diffusers for home, office, car and travel

In these trying times with COVID-19 everywhere there also comes a lot of anxiety, depression and other emotional and physiological variations. There are oils like Clary Sage that help with hormonal imbalance. Oils like Lavender can help to calm nerves and reduce anxiety.

These amazing oils should be used in a diffuser throughout your house. We at the ZIA household like to have different aromas in each area of our home. We like Breathe in our bedroom, Immune Guard in our living room / kitchen, and Lavender in our kids rooms.

Another great option is a pocket inhaler. At ZIA Zensations we have a wide variety of plastic and glass inhalers. Just remove the cap and place it up to your nose to take a deep breath of your favorite essential oil like ZZ Breathe.

Stay positive

essential oil bracelets aromatherapy

With a crisis like this, it becomes even more important to keep positive and strong. There are many oils that can help mitigate the anxiety and stress that stems from so much uncertainty. CBD can be a powerful tool to maintain balance in your brain and your body. It is a great way to reduce anxiety and bring back equilibrium. Other ZIA essential oils can be used topically with a rollerball, in diffuser jewelry, add it to your face mask or scarf, and use ZIA bath bombs for an aromatic, therapeutic bathing experience.

The takeaway

I believe in a multi pronged approach to fight all microbes including virus. Microbes come in many forms and they can even mutate to other forms as time progresses. There are many great antimicrobial essential oils and I believe they are best used in a rotational manner for about a month each. I personally prefer the use of essential oils because of their limited side effects and their reduced human toxicity. There is also clinical evidence that suggests there is an additional synergistic effect that makes natural plant oils a better option than their synthetic chemical counterparts.

At ZIA Zensations we pride ourselves in our personalized service where we can make just about any blend for anyone and, always at a fair price. We are all about transparency and love to share our blends and our techniques with our customers. We have a wide variety of custom made as well as ready to use products to help fight COVID-19 and other pathogens and maintain a better quality of life going forward.

We love to share with our customers and would love to hear about ways you are thinking outside of the box to fight this microscopic pathogen. Hopefully this article provides a stronger foundation as to which oils offer the best antimicrobial properties while inspiring some different ways to use them.

Thanks to our customers that have helped us grow and those that are supporting us in this difficult time. We are available online, via phone at 801-755-0555, and email .

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Make Every Moment ZENsational,

Joe and Esther Zia

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