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Next gen botanicals to provide pleasant, convenient and instant effects. Enjoy the known benefits of herbal blends with a convenient personal diffuser to create a holistic, highly effective and flavorful experience not offered by traditional herbal medicine.

Precharged and ready to use
1.2 ml each
About 300 puffs

BLISS | Tart strawberry margarita. Infused with Kava and Yerba Mate.
Promotes energy and happy vibes

BREATHE | Lemon & honey with peppermint. Infused with peppermint,
eucalyptus, licorice, mullein and thyme. Promotes deep, soothing

CALM | Dark Cocoa with Cream. Infused with valerian, passion flower and
ginseng. Promotes relaxation, peace of mind and deep sleep.

ENHANCE | Creme caramel custard. Infused with Maca, Yohimbe and
Ginseng. Promoted vitality and libido.

AWAKE | Sweet lemon tea with hints of berry. Infused with green tea,
yerba mate, B12 and ginseng. Promotes natural energy & clear mind.

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Bliss, Breathe, Calm, Enhance, Awake

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