Grey Essential Oil Diffusers Waterless Battery Operated Atomizer


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Essential Oil Diffuser Waterless, Aromatherapy Diffuser for Car, Home, Office, Kitchen and Bedroom


  • Battery powered, built-in 2000ml polymer battery, can be moved to any place you need or connected with micro USB Cable Included
  • Use with pure essential oils, does not need water, does not need heating, adopts the principle of high-pressure air atomization, does not destroy the composition of essential oils, and enjoys real aromatherapy
  • Thorough atomization, the essential oil mist produced will flow with the air, will not fall, and there will be no residual droplets on the surface of the equipment and nearby, will not waste the expensive essential oils you buy, and will not damage your furniture
  • Super quiet, the noise generated during work is less than the sound of water flow produced by an ultrasonic humidifier, and will not affect your sleep
  • The light can be turned off, different working modes can be selected through the buttons on the top, 3 misting modes are built-in, and it can be automatically shut down
  • The replaceable independent atomization components can be matched with more atomization components to achieve rapid replacement of different essential oils
  • Conserve essential oil, 10ml essential oil can be used for 1-4 months
  • Best for use in spaces below 200 square feet, too much space will affect the use effect.


1. Push through atomizer from hole at the bottom of the device. 
2. Remove cap and plastic dropper on 10ml essential oil bottle.
3. Carefully screw on essential oil bottle making sure that straw tube sits inside the bottom of essential oil.
4. Insert atomizer into diffuser with arrows lined up.  Atomizer top should be flush with the top of diffuser.
5. Charge diffuser for 2 hours.  Connect to USB plug with included micro USB cable
6. Press power for 2 seconds to turn on.  Press power button again to cycle between 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour and continuous mist modes.  The light will indicate the mode.  The diffuser will turn off automatically after time has passed unless continuous mode is selected.  No light indicates that continuous mode is selected.
7. Adjust mist output by pressing mist output button
8. Shut off manually pressing power button for 2 seconds.
9. Always shut off prior to removing atomizer from diffuser.


Always keep diffuser upright to avoid any spillage and subsequent damage to the device.
Remove essential oil before packing the diffuser for travel.
Clean every month or whenever necesary using pure alcohol. Add 2 mililiters of pure alcohol to empty bottle.  Attach to atomizer. Run on continuous mode for 20 minutes.  Remove bottle, pour out residual alcohol. 
Wipe down exterior with water moistened cloth.
Keep out of direct sunlight for extended amounts of time >2 hours


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