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Lava bracelet for men


Men love to diffuse essential oils too! Check out our mens line of gemstone LAVA:
•Black onyx
•Blue Lapis
•Picture Jasper
•Matte Hematite
•Buddah & Lava
$14-$31 handcrafted in USA❤
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Cedarwood is one of those oils that is easy to love, by both men and women. Do you know a man who isn’t all that into oils? He probably hasn’t tried Cedarwood yet. Have him smell the oil straight from the bottle and just see if his mind changes.

Here are a few ways for men to use Cedarwood oil:

Place a few drops in your shampoo and conditioner for shinier-looking hair.

Before exercising, massage one to two drops into chest to maintain vitality.

Diffuse after a long day to relax the mind and soothe the body.

Apply topically after working outside to keep skin looking healthy.

Diffusing essential oils is one of the easiest yet most effective ways for you to experience the aromatic benefits of your favorite essential oil.


Best Places to Use our  Diffusers

  • Bedrooms
  • Office desk
  • Hotel rooms
  • Spa room

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Diffuser jewelry is a great way for children


L A V A! One of our favorite essential oil diffusing methods! For several reasons:

  • Eco friendly
  • All natural
  • Undyed
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made with healing gemstones
  • Handcrafted in USA by working moms!

And it holds your Zia Zensations essential oils for 24 hours… a few drops is all you need!

Don’t forget that you can create a wishlist on our website.



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Searching for the perfect aromatherapy jewelry?

This is the bracelet you need everyday whether you’re a Lady or a Gent!


Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet. Lava rocks Aromatherapy with a feather. Simple and light.

The lava stones are excellent to disseminate  Zia Zensations essential oils. They gradually liberate the benefits of the oils up to three days before being charged . This bracelet can be worn every day with or without oils.

Please message me with any questions that you might have about this or any other item. Order Online Now!


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Perfect father’s day gift

It’s Almost Father’s Day… This year, surprise dad with a gift he’s sure to treasure forever.
Men love aromatherapy too! We have a masculine line of diffuser jewelry that still gives men the health benefits of essential oils Zia Zensations all while looking handsome in our jewelry ,our new arrivals Zia Zensations Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Locket Pendant Jewelry and Car Clip diffuser.

Drop 2-3 drops of #ziazensations essential oil directly onto the lava bead to enjoy topical and aromatic benefits. Because the lava beads are porous, they will hold the essential oil for up to 2 days. Once you notice the aroma fading, simply add more essential oil to the lava bead.

Now you can shop those items right here, Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store.
where in-store pickup is quick and easy. ..
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What are the benefits of rose essential oil?


More than just a pretty smell, rose essential oil  is a prized oil that contains many therapeutic properties. This strong, floral fragrance is romantic and versatile.

The health benefits of Rose Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an antidepressant, antiseptic, antiviral, #aphrodisiac bactericidal, cicatrisant. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Add a few drops of rose oil inside the diffuser pendant and enjoy the aromatherapy .

Transform Your Life with 100% Pure & Natural Zia Zensations Essential Oils  .Now you can shop at our on-line store right here at this site.

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These days yoga teachers are increasingly integrating essential oils into the yoga experience. And with good reason: These aromatic compounds—found in plant seeds, bark, stems, roots, and flowers—have long been a favorite with the aromatherapy crowd and those who tout the oils’ ability to enhance mental and emotional wellness.


Essential oils pair perfectly with the deep breathing encouraged in yoga. When you breath DEEP with a yoga flow you’re flooding your body with much-needed oxygen and improving your respiratory function, but you can also breathe in diffused or applied essential oils that enhance your goals, energy, mental clarity, relaxation, hormone balancing.


ways I like to use the oils with my yoga practice would be to.

1) Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser ,diffuse them into the air.
2) Wear them in Zia Zensations aromatherapy jewelry.
3) simply inhale the scent from the bottle before I start, during any breaks, and at the end while I breathe.
4) I will also rub them into my hands and inhale deeply or rub a few drops into my skin with a carrier oil like almond oil, coconut oil, . I love this method during the day or after a yoga practice, but I don’t recommend it right before yoga – your hand will be sliding all over your mat!

Using essential oils with yoga is one of the ultimate methods of self care.



Ylang Ylang

Never use more than three oils in your routine, because there is a lot of energy being processed in a yoga session, and you want to prevent overload – See more at:




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Welcome to Zia Zensations!

Welcome to our new website.  Thanks to our beloved customers for their ongoing support.  Because of you, Esther and I are constantly striving to introduce new products and improve blends.  Tell us what you think about our company and our products.  Remember if there’s a special product that isn’t in our product catalog, we can usually make it, whether it be a perfumed lotion or an essential oil blend, we are happy to make it.