The ZIA Family when we started ZIA Zensations

My lovely wife and I have always been driven by improving our selves in every way possible.  That is why we moved to Utah after living in Costa Rica for almost 30 years. We were exposed to Utah in 2009 when we came to visit my cousin that was living here. We fell in love with the friendly people, their steadfast values, and the awesome natural beauty.  We decided this was to be our home and that of our 5 year old son.

Since I was 17 years old and exposed to martial arts and the Zen philosophy, I have always been into natural health and improving my self.  I had started my business of video games and computer sales that couldn’t have been further from my main passions that were health and well being.  While building my business, I continued training kung fu and studied homeopathy in 1996.

While in Utah we found many like minded individuals with a strong general awareness of well being and essential oils.  We began to study the different options and qualities available and quickly became aware that there were marked differences in quality and that the prices for premium quality oils was exceedingly high.  That is what prompted us to create Zia Zensations.

We are proud to carry top quality pure essential oils as well as premium perfumes.  Our essential oils come from all over the world and use cutting edge extraction methods to guarantee the best possible quality.

Our premium perfumes offer similar scents to well known designer brands, but with a base that is friendlier to your skin and less allergenic.  We also have oil based options that last longer on your skin and actually help to moisturize while smelling amazing.

Our mission is to bring all of the benefits of essential oils to everyone through extraordinary quality, absolute transparency, and fair prices.

Make Each Moment ZENsational!

The Zia Family

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