We Do What You Would Do.

At ZIA we care about quality. So before we sell a product, we need to know exactly what’s in it. My name is
Joe Zia and when I first started looking for reputable CBD suppliers, I found dozens of wholesale
“distributors” ranting about quality and purity. In an unregulated market where there could be just about
anything in those expensive little bottles, I had to dig deeper. Over the next six months I studied diligently
about CBD and what constitutes a quality product. I found out there are many active ingredients
(cannabinoids) in the hemp plant, that work to effect change on our bodies. I learned there are many strains
that are bred differently to have higher concentrations of these beneficial compounds. It was clear that
farming practices and extraction techniques were key to a premium end product.
Once I finally found a reputable company, I flew out to Oregon to examine their operation. I was greeted by
skilled farmers with thousands of beautiful 100% organic plants and super critical Co2 extraction all on the
same property. This is the same CBD we sell and use personally.