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Joe Zia Here, I am really excited to write to you about CBD oil. Our loyal customers know about our legendary diligence with our products and CBD oil is no exception. At ZIA we can’t offer a product that we don’t understand and believe in, so it is paramount that we have a firm understanding of where our product comes from and who are the people behind it.

Finding a Supplier

While investigating I learned that there are many offerings available and the CBD market is very unregulated. We had met with hundreds of companies that all appeared reputable and ready to sell, but when i posed my question “Can I visit your farm and see your installations” they were not as accommodating. That was until I found the folks at USAHemp. I asked them if I could come out and see their property and they resounded “Sure!”. So the next week I flew out to Oregon to visit them. I found myself a little apprehensive as I drove out to the growing site. I imagined bearded burly types with shotguns looking after their weed. Upon arrival, I noticed some postings on the trees that have a picture of a handgun and the message “This property protected by the 2nd Amendment”. I was greeted by a friendly young lady named Ana that opened the gate and escorted us to the administrative area. I asked her if it was OK to film their operation and she said “sure” so I pulled out my phone and started filming. I was happy to find an organized family run operation with staff that shared our passion for excellence. They showed us their plantation, seedlings, how they used ladybugs and praying mantis in lieu of pesticides. They spared hours of their time to explain the benefits of their different techniques. Then it became even more interesting when they showed us their Super Critical CO2 Extraction facility. The whole extraction process is outlined in this video.

We searched for six months before finding a company that was reputable enough for us to resell.  The beauty here is that the plants are cultivated and the oil is extracted at the same location. These guys are the real deal and we have their CBD products at guaranteed low prices.

Isolates and Full Spectrum

There are over 400 naturally occurring chemicals (aka cannabinoids) found in your typical cannabis plant, that include about 60 that are referred to as cannabinoids.  There are two main chemicals that are found in abundance, they are THC (TetraHydroCannabinol) and CBD (CannaBiDiol).

THC is the psycho active compound that creates the infamous marijuana high.

CBD is the therapeutic compound that has clinically proven benefits for different ailments including:

CBD isolate consists of just the CBD compound without any of the other cannabinoids.  That means it doesn’t contain any THC.  This makes it preferred by those that want the benefits of CBD and are routinely subject to drug testing.  Both isolates and full spectrum come in different formats and potencies such as:

  • Creams and lotions
  • Pure powders
  • Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Pet treats
  • Honey Sticks
  • Vape cartridges

The full spectrum CBD contains the entire gamut of natural compounds.  It can legally contain up to .3% THC which naturally occurs in the plant.  It doesn’t appear in most testing, but can come up in some drug testing depending on amounts ingested and testing procedures.  The full spectrum CBD is less expensive and offers more benefits due to the entourage effect which refers to all of the cannabinoids working in concert to mitigate different ailments.

Want to dive deeper into the cannabis plant composition? click here.

If your looking to leverage the powerful relief afforded by CBD oil, rest assured that we at ZIA have done our due diligence to insure unparalleled purity and quality.

ZIA carries a wide variety of CBD options like these:

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Any administration of essential oils such as CBD should be consulted with your physician.

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