100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil in a 10ml cobalt blue bottle with euro dropper

A fragrant plant with delicate clusters of white or yellow flowers. It towers on a six-foot hollow, leafy stem, held up by a strong root system. Angelica blooms every few years, survives in many climates, and bears small yellow seeds. Known as both wild celery and Holy Ghost root, the herb is a common food and drink additive throughout Northern Scandinavia and France. An ancient herb, it is believed to have originated in Africa and is even mentioned in the oldest biblical texts! With its warm spicy aroma, it can be helpful with calming, uplifting and balancing. Angelica stimulates the senses and releases negativity. It also promotes soothing tranquility.

Ingredients: Angelica archangelica

Uses: Diffuse in your Zia Zensations diffuser or apply topically.

Directions for Use: Diffusion- Put 3-4 drops into diffuser of your choice.
Topical Use- Apply 2-3 drop to Zia Zensations Fractionated Coconut Oil to reduce potential skin sensitivity.

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10 ml Glass w/ Euro Dropper

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