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Your Wellness Is Our Passion!

My lovely wife and I have always been driven by improving our selves in every way possible. That is why we moved to Utah after living in Costa Rica for almost 30 years. We were exposed to Utah in 2009 when we came to visit family that lived here. We fell in love with the friendly people, their steadfast values, and the awesome natural beauty. We decided this was to be our home and that of our 5 year old son.


The ZIA Essential Oil Chart

This chart is for information purposes only. Always consult a physician before any essential
oil application. Use the search to filter oils with specific characteristics. Try any of
these for example: Insomnia, antifungal, lavender…

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Staff was super friendly and knowledgeable.

Carmen Martinez

Awesome store awesome employees!!!

Diane Mcmurdie

great as always

Perry Coe

Amazing customer service, and very knowledgeable staff!

Onna Luke

Awesome Store with Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff 🙂

Chalene Stokes

Excellent product (essential oils). Good value.

Ken Rasmussen

Everything was fabulous

Emily Morrison

"My e-mail address changed to sheilalauomd@gmail.com
The previous e-mail address is not in use."

Sheila Yamaoka

Every person I meet there are always so nice and knowledgeable about the CBD products. You guys definetly have repeat business from me.

Jessica Young

Knowledgeable friendly staff

Mark Shafto

I love the customer service here they are always great

Jason Fischer

Always very kind, informative and helpful without being pushy. Glad this store is here.

Bobi Larson

Your associate at the store was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

John Mcentire

The lady that helped me was so sweet and understanding. I didn’t feel like she was just trying to sell me things. She genuinely wanted to help me with my insomnia and other problems. I will be a regular at this store from now on.

Sophia Greco

Great service as always. Ill be returning soon. Thanks.

Michael Lente


Cindy Stilson

Great service

Janin Cervantes

We used a $10 email discount to get an essential oil which was a nice Father's Day gift.

Ken Rasmussen


Hugo Valecillos

These guys are great they always help with what we need great customer service

Jason Fischer

Such a relaxing and fun place to shop, I love the energy in there. The quality of their CBD products is awesome and great service. Try the licorice, it great. Thanks and see ya.

Michael Lente

We love coming to Zia, great price great service and great products.

Kelsey Johnson

Joe is extremely knowledgeable about ALL the products in his store! I'll definitely be back! My new FAVORITE store! 🙂

Shauna Kocherhans

Love love this store! I buy so so much!

Dianne Gessel

Great product and knowledgable service.

Ken Rasmussen

The guys were very knowledgeable about their products and very helpful with my questions.

Christy Morton


Debbie Brown

Explained everything in detail. Such an amazing experience every time I come in.

Jamie DiFrancesco

The clerk was very friendly and helpful

Maricela Jimenez

Happy place to go, so informative. Joe the owner very kind and knowledgeable.

Emily Saye

They are super friendly and helpful! I will be back.

Jessica Pierce

Thanks for all your help : )

Trish Martinez

They are alway awesome and ready to help

Ruby Seering

Love you guys!!

Debbie Brown

Excellent source of information about the diffuser. Took the time to answer all of our questions. The diffuser works great.

Ken Rasmussen

extensive knowledge and the proof to expose the validity of the type of stones and oils. It was a very educational and enlightening encounter where I ended up buying 2 things I didn't expect and love them both so far.

Siobhan Barcklay

I have made 3 different purchases st this store this week! Amazing product and great employees!

Trisha Allen

thank you very much 🙂

Elmana Biogradlija

Sweet young ladies

Angela Kallas

It is a zen place.

serelem Candedo

Great store! I will be returning!!!

Carolyn Long

Staff knew about the product!

Christine Wickham

We had a great conversation with the owner of the store and understood how his company is going to work. We even have a special order for their bracelets it was very pleasant. Also that they are more than happy to help mix the essential oils. Great customer service.

Russ Hale

Such a fantastic experience with the company!! We will definitely be filling all our needs with them!!

Jennifer Mcillece

Knowledgeable about the product, very helpful and friendly.

Nina Constantine

Awesome customer service and the quality of the oils is fantastic. We’ve tried lots of other brands and we’re so happy to have found Zia!

Jeffery Jones

Very personable and helpful. Answered all of our questions with a genuine fondness of the product. Nice experience and hopefully the perfect gift.

Cameron Treat

"Thank you for taking a moment and providing your feedback. If you have any questions about our products feel free to call me (305-304-8833) or Esther (801-800-0507).
Happy Holidays!
Joe Zia"

Karen Baessler

The guys were very knowledgeable about their products and very helpful with my questions.

Christy Morton

So kind and fun natural products 🙂

Woohoo Waxin

So kind and fun natural products 🙂

Woohoo Waxin

"Awesome product too! I'm using the essential oils in products I make!

Thanks! 🤗"

Naedee Ramirez

Great service I know I'll be sending friend and family to him for more things

Brian Critchfield