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  • My first experience with CBD -
  • Why ZIA CBD? - We do what you would do. At ZIA we care about quality. So before we sell a product, we need to know exactly what’s in it. My name is Joe Zia and when I first started looking for reputable CBD suppliers, I found dozens of wholesale “distributors” ranting about quality and purity. In an unregulated […]
  • CBD Vs Medical Marijuana – Which works best - Medical marijuana or CBD – Just like many others, I too have been overwhelmed by the myriad of information that has recently flooded the media about marijuana and its therapeutic benefits. Let’s start by clarifying the two main categories of therapeutic marijuana: Marijuana or medical marijuana CBD (Cannabidiol) Here we’ll look at the benefits and […]
  • How Essential Oils Effect Change - Learn about how aromatic essential oils are absorbed into our bodies and the differences between essential oils and other aromatic compounds like candles, incense and wax melts. Our store is in a mall, and as such, many people come in that are unfamiliar with essential oils.  Some have never been exposed to oils while the […]
  • ZIA CBD – What You Must Know - Joe Zia Here, I am really excited to write to you about CBD oil. Our loyal customers know about our legendary diligence with our products and CBD oil is no exception. At ZIA we can’t offer a product that we don’t understand and believe in, so it is paramount that we have a firm understanding […]
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