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ZENsational Videos

ZIA Zensations is all about transparency and education. The ZIAs are always adding new videos to showcase all the amazing ways to leverage the power of essential oils in every facet of your life.

Know Your CBD 5:45

Joe and Esther Zia care deeply about quality and they have a clear understanding of all the components that truly guarantee a premium CBD product.  This video showcases how we visit and scrutinize different farms to insure unparalleled quality.

ZIA Zensations Cleanser 3:49

How to make a multi purpose household cleanser with all natural ZIA essential oils

Easy way to mix essential oils for topical use. 3:49

Informative video showing an easy way to prepare and apply essential oils on your skin. Essential oils are very concentrated and should always be diluted prior to topical application.

ZIA Handmade Aroma Bracelets 1:04

Choose from 100s of unique handmade aroma bracelets.  Each bracelet is unique as we never repeat our designs.

How To Make Pain Cream 4:22

Learn how to mix your own all natural pain liniment with the ZIA Zensations Pain Set. Add our all natural Hemp Flower Oil to take it to the next level.

Learn how to use ZIA aroma jewelry with essential oils 5:09

This video showcases some of ZIA Zensations jewelry and explains how to add your essential oils. ZIA carries a wide variety of diffuser jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and even car diffusers.