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Most folks don’t even put these two in the same league. They absolutely should. The vast majority of our medicine was plant based, and even our current medicines come from the plant kingdom or are inspired by flora.

Why The Departure From Plants?

If Plants and essential oils were our medicine and they were working so well, then why did we switch to modern medicine? The main reason is money.

  1. Plants can not be patented whereas chemical formulations can. Once you make a unique formulation you can obtain a patent, form a brand, market that brand and make bank. There are many popular medicines that are either plant based or plant inspired such as most of your opiates, aspirin, quinine, penicillin, and even brands like Vicks® and Aspercreme®.
  2. Plants are infinite. Every plant is unique and they are a product of the environment and their genetics. You can take similar genetics and plant them in the same location and even then you won’t get identical chemical composition. In chemistry you want finite ingredients that are absolutely replicable and that guarantee the same smell, look and most importantly results.

So Why Bother With Plant Based Medicine?

First we need to understand what it is in the plant that effects change in our bodies. Plants have hundreds of chemical compounds in them. These chemicals are a product of millions of years of evolution where the plant developed this blend of chemicals to ward off enemies and insure its survival. While many of these individual chemicals have a profound ability to effect change, There is evidence that points to their effect as a blend (entourage effect) is even more powerful. An obvious example is Citronella which wards away flying insects.

Which Is More Potent?

Essential oils are generally more concentrated because they are pure and there is several pounds of plant material in each little 10ml (1/3 oz) bottle. Contact ZIA Zensations ( 801-755-0555) if you have any questions about potency of a specific essential oil, as well as administration options.

Essential Oils at Basel Museum

The Verdict.

Both essential oils and modern pharmacy are important parts of today’s medicine cabinet. When faced with an option I always choose the natural option as I have more faith in nature than big pharma. It is easy to just go to a medical professional and trust their judgement. Most medical professionals aren’t even aware of the comparable benefits and potentially reduced side effects found in essential oils and won’t recommend them. In today’s interconnected world there are many resources such as this website where you can educate yourself and make wise decisions. Always keep in mind that all medicine including essential oils are dangerous and should only be administered under the direction of a medical professional.

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