The Pixie Black Essential Oil Diffuser is a fantastic diffuser and without occupying much space, you can easily place this diffuser on your desk, countertop, nightstand, or in your carry-on while on the go. The Pixie Black Essential Oil Diffuser has seven light mode options. Choose between rotating color, freeze color, and light modes.

This diffuser disperses a comfortable stream of room-temperature mist, which provides ideal coverage for small or medium-sized rooms and enjoy up to 5 hours of continuous mist.

  • Up to 5  Hours of Continuous Mist
  • Small Room Size
  • Rotating Color, Freeze Color, or Off Light Modes
  • 100mL / 3.38 fl oz Water Capacity
  • USB cord
  • Automatic Safety Shut Off

Additional information

Dimensions 5.0 × 5.0 × 6.0 in

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