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Learn about how aromatic essential oils are absorbed into our bodies and the differences between essential oils and other aromatic compounds like candles, incense and wax melts.

Our store is in a mall, and as such, many people come in that are unfamiliar with essential oils.  Some have never been exposed to oils while the majority have either seen them and been scared away by the high pressure and high priced MLM sales tactics, or others know someone that uses oils and just find them overwhelming to understand.  Some people view oils as witchcraft.

Those that know me are fully aware that I absolutely can not support or much less sell something I don’t completely understand and believe in.  That is why I’m passionate about essential oils.  We live in an information age wherein there are hundreds of published studies and there is technology that breaks down the chemical components of essential oils and how they effect our bodies.  Click here if you wish to see clinical studies about essential oils.

Most essential oils have hundreds of naturally occurring chemical compounds.  When these compounds enter our body they can effect change.  There are many ways to administer essential oils such as:

Olfactory – Through sniffing

Transdermal – Through the skin

Ingestion – Eaten or Drunken

Sublingual – Placed under the tongue

Smoke Inhalation – Through your lungs

Of all of these methods of absorption, one of the most common is olfactory.   That is what this article will focus on.

Sniffing Oils

As we go on about our business we are inadvertently smelling different aromas. Most people are unaware that you are actually absorbing the contents of what you are breathing.  Although the smell may be strong, usually the concentration is so small that it doesn’t effect much change in our body.  Essential oils or volatile oils on the other hand, are extremely condensed and vaporize very quickly, which means that the highly concentrated molecules release quickly into the air.  Learn more about the concentration of essential oils here.

You Are What You breathe

When oils are nearby and you smell them you are actually ingesting the molecules and they are effecting change in your body.  It is simple chemistry.  The chemical components have obvious effects on the cells in our body in the same way that some people have allergies when certain flowers are blooming.

There are many ways to perceive the therapeutic benefits of essential oils through scent.  Popular options include:

  • Aroma Jewelry – Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to the lava beads or the pads
  • Inhalation with an inhaler – Add the oil to the cotton wick and inhale when needed
  • Electric Diffuser – Great for aromatization in a home, office or car.
  • Out of the bottle – Ok in an emergency but it is best to keep your bottles sealed and use an inhaler
  • Steam inhalation – Add to hot water for steam inhalation
  • In your bath – Add to epsom salt, witch hazel, alcohol or milk, then add to warm bath

Essential OIls and Fragrance Oils

Many people mistake fragrance oils with essential oils.  Fragrance oils are man made chemical compositions and usually have no therapeutic benefit, and can even be detrimental to your health. Essential oils are all natural and they come from plants.

Ahhh Choo!

Many peoples body have an allergic reaction to these synthetic fragrances.  If you are one of those, I recommend you try essential oils which, although they smell similar, they are a completely different composition. It is a good idea to try single oils like peppermint, lavender, lemon and eucalyptus to see if they provoke any allergic reaction.  Also remember to leave an escape route for your pets so they can leave the area in case of an adverse reaction (click here for our article on essential oils and pets).  The Next time you see a diffuser with essential oils, understand that there are therapeutic benefits that are being perceived by your body.   When compared to other aromatization methods, you not only get an all natural scent but you also get all of the healing and antiseptic properties of the essential oil.



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