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It’s Almost Father’s Day… This year, surprise dad with a gift he’s sure to treasure forever.
Men love aromatherapy too! We have a masculine line of diffuser jewelry that still gives men the health benefits of essential oils Zia Zensations all while looking handsome in our jewelry ,our new arrivals Zia Zensations Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Locket Pendant Jewelry and Car Clip diffuser.

Drop 2-3 drops of #ziazensations essential oil directly onto the lava bead to enjoy topical and aromatic benefits. Because the lava beads are porous, they will hold the essential oil for up to 2 days. Once you notice the aroma fading, simply add more essential oil to the lava bead.

Now you can shop those items right here, Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store.
where in-store pickup is quick and easy. ..
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