100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil in a 10ml cobalt blue bottle with euro dropper

Botanical Name: Pinus Succinifera

Country of Origin: India

Method of Extraction: The crude essential oil is obtained by dry distillation of the fossil resin (Vacuum Distillation)

Consistency: Medium

Aromatic Description: Resinous, warm and smoky with an undertone of floral Citrus.

Perfumery Note: Base

Aromatherapy Properties : (Uses) Amber oil is produced from the fossilized sap of the giant prehistoric conifer called : Pinus Succinefera. Amber is a fossil resin.

The amber essential oil may have quite a few impressive benefits, including calming the mind, protecting heart health, stimulating the libido, eliminating pain, increasing circulation.

Direction for Use: Diffusion- Use 3-4 drops in diffuser of your choice.
Topical Use- Apply 2-3 drop to Zia Zensations Fractionated Coconut Oil to prevent potential skin irritations.

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