Arthritis Comfort Blend


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100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend

Ginger, Turmeric, Frankincense, Myrrh and Wintergreen.

These are powerful essential oils specifically designed to reduce inflammation and fight pain stemming from arthritis.  


Arthritis is a joint disease that causes swelling and pain in and around the joints. It’s usually classified as either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis occurs when cartilage between joints wears down causing inflammation and pain and generally occurs in the joints we most frequently use, such as knees, hips, spine and hands. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is caused by an autoimmune dysfunction where the white blood cells destroy the cartilage. Research suggests that RA may be related to food allergies, bacterial infections, stress or excess acid in the body, but the exact cause of RA is not yet known.

Although the word arthritis actually means joint inflammation, it’s rather widely used in the public health world to describe more than 100 rheumatic diseases and conditions that affect joints, the tissues that surround the joint and other connective tissue. 


There are several ways you can use essential oils for arthritis.

To relieve pain and inflammation while improving your sleep, put a diffuser by your bed and diffuse essential oils while you sleep. You can also rub topically, when blended with a carrier oil, directly onto the area where you feel the pain. Be careful to avoid the eyes.

Uses: Excellent in cosmetic formulations, personal care formulations, soaps, and perfumery. Use 3-4 times throughout the day for wart removal. Use diluted in a roll on or a 4 oz premixed with ZIA Black Seed Oil or Hemp Seed Oil.  Use with ZIA Epsom Salt for an amazing bath experience, or hand or foot bath.

Directions for Use:
Diffusion- Put 3-4 drops in Zia Zensations diffuser of your choice.
Topical Use- Apply 2-3 drops to your Zia Zensations Fractionated Coconut Oil. You may also apply this essential oil directly to problem areas or on your temples via your Zia Zensations roller.

It is possible that this blend may cause sensitivities; users are recommended to use this blend diluted and not as a replacement for traditional medicine. Dilute very well before use; for external use only.

Keep in a cool dark place with the cap tightly sealed to attain maximum shelf life.

Choose from these popular options:

10 ml Glass w/ Eurodropper
Our 10 ml glass bottle with a eurodropper is our pure, concentrated, therapeutic grade essential oil. Use a few drops in a home diffuser, a car diffuser or with diffuser jewelry. Dilute with a carrier oil or choose from our ready to use options for topical use.

10 ml Rollerball
This 10 ml glass bottle comes premixed with Fractionated Coconut Oil and a stainless steel rollerball. You can request Almond Oil in lieu of the coconut oil for no extra charge. You can also request lighter formulations designed for children.

4 oz Carrier Oil Blend
This formulation comes diluted and ready to use in a 4 oz blue PET plastic bottle with a disc cap.

16 oz Epsom Salt Blend
This comes in a tin with 8 oz of Epsom Salt premixed with essential oil and ready to add to your bath or foot massage. Good for up to 2 baths.

4 oz Cream
Our premium cream blend professionally infused with this pure essential oil. Use like any moisturizing cream. 

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10ml Pure, 10ml Rollerball, 4oz Carrier Oil Blend, 8oz Epsom Salt Blend, 4oz Cream

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