Renowned anti-aging expert Roxy Dillon guides you through an easy-to-follow regimen that will naturally stop and reverse the aging process. Amazingly, common plants and foods contain compounds that are now scientifically proven to stimulate cellular and hormonal function, and actually reverse aging! Using ingredients that you can find at home, you can stimulate your hormone-producing glands into youthful activity again. Discover the bio-actives – foods, herbs, supplements, edibles, and essential oils – that you should be eating, or applying externally, and learn how their key compounds (such as resveratrol in red wine, squalene in olive oil, or ferulic acid in rice bran oil) will plump your skin, reduce high blood pressure, and even fight cancer cells. From restoring thinning hair with rosemary and smoothing wrinkles with honey, to preventing grey hair with onion juice – there’s a natural solution for every problem. Roxy has created a clear-cut program that will help you take control of your looks and turn back the clock. Get ready to look and feel years younger! 

ISBN: 9781476796819
Publisher: Atria Books
Language: English
Page Count: 274
Size: 9.35″ l x 6.30″ w x 1.00″
Series: N/A

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